Umaru’s Staycation at a Modern Home

Hey everyone! It’s been so long, I know.  So many things happened after the holidays and there are so many backlogs too. I even missed sharing some of the Holiday pics but for now, I decided to show you first my recent work. It’s another dollhouse which I receive from Funnyroot back in December and…

Umaru-chan’s Modern Apartment – DIY Dollhouse

Today, I am showing you a new DIY dollhouse kit which I received from This is a nice modern apartment for mini figurines like my Umaru trading figures. I think Umaru’s size is just perfect in this tiny house. I really enjoy doing toy photography in this miniature house. They look as if they are…

Sakura Inspired Dollhouse for Small Toys & Figures – Spring Romance

I know there are so many backlogs, but I would like to start with a beautiful Sakura / Cherry Blossom Themed Dollhouse. Since it’s almost the start of Spring in some countries, making this pink dollhouse seems perfect for the season.  I actually received the package last year and it was supposed to be for…

Nendoroid Mikasa in Miller’s Garden – DIY Miniature Dollhouse

I know this is a bit late. But I still want to share with you the dollhouse kit I received from Robotime last year. In the dollhouse “Miller’s Garden”, it seems like a great background for Nendoroid Photography.  I modified some parts and repainted the whole kit.

Miniature Dollhouse Kit “Happy Times”

Another cute dollhouse this time from Banggood. They sent this kit by the end of July, but it had been sitting at our customs for a month or so. I received the package late September.