DIY Miniature Dollhouse Rolife Simon’s Coffee

Who loves coffee? I do!

Today I’m sharing with you a nice dollhouse perfect for coffee lovers out there. This is Rolife Simon’s Coffee.

If you have been following my works, I usually add personal touches to my dollhouse. Watch the video below to see the changes that I made.

When you have Rolife DIY House kits, they give you wide possibilities. You can turn the dollhouse into anything you want. They also encourage this to do so to many of their fans. Just be creative. I have actually seen many customized kits from Rolife. They are all amazing!

For the color schemes, I painted the walls white instead of using the paper provided in the kit. I made the table and chair different from the original as I’m not really good at wire works.

I also added some of my dollhouse accessories from my miniature collection.

I love that Rolife always has plants in their DIY house kits. In the real world, having indoor plants inside the cafe or room is so much cozier and lovelier.

When photographing the dollhouse, always imagine it like what you see in real life. Imagine the lighting, the view, the ambiance, and the feeling.

I have brought this dollhouse kit to one of Sony’s workshops. I used it as a backdrop for the Toy Photography workshop. Many people were actually fascinated by miniatures and started asking where I bought them.

If you fell in love with this DIY dollhouse kit, here’s where you can buy it. BUY HERE!

That’s all for today! Next post is my Nendoroid and Toy Photography using this wonderful kit.


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