DIY Miniature Dollhouse Rolife Jason’s Kitchen

I was thrilled to receive this DIY Miniature Dollhouse kit from Robotime, it is Rolife Jason’s Kitchen. I am in love with miniature kitchen sets! I also have plenty of miniature kitchen accessories in my collection. So I can fill it up with those.

In this kit, I also made a lot of modifications. Take a look at my video here:

I also searched for inspiration on Pinterest. Whenever I ran out of ideas, Pinterest is the answer. I mentioned about how Rolife DIY House kits can make you creative. It gives you the power to visualize your dream room and bring it to life with the materials provided in the dollhouse kit.

The original output of Jason’s kitchen is also nice and has a country feel to it. But for me, I like a combination of white, grey, black, and neutral colors. It’s a bit mixed, but I like it this way. I also prefer a cleaner look, just a simple one.

I added some miniature accessories from my collection for a natural touch. It’s actually a mix of those that you can make and off-the-shelf items.

I love the big window that allows the sun to come thru. Perfect for a morning scene of Nendoroid.

You can add more plants to this kitchen. Special thanks to Chibi Cravings for this miniature succulent plant. Isn’t it adorable?

Most important of all, Rolife Jason’s Kitchen is perfect for Nendoroid. The furniture may be a bit tall but it works. It can be adjusted according to the size of your figure. As for me, I didn’t adjust it because I have Cu-poche figures which are a bit taller than Nendoroid.

You can put a sitting Nendoroid and make her enjoy the view from the window. Of course, you will need to balance your figurine.

Rolife has a big collection of DIY houses that might interest you. Make sure to check their website, most times I see them running promos. Follow their Facebook page for more updates here.


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  1. Tank says:

    Hi Sheng, I’m a huge fan of yours. Especially when you put the Nendoroids in miniature dollhouses to make them more like a kit, Ithink its very noval and unique.

    1. Kixkillradio says:

      Hi Tank! I’m happy you like my work. It has been my stress reliever and at some point in my life, this hobby helped me get through during my darkest days in the past

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