Rolife Miss Dessert Sweet Shop is now OPEN!

Another adorable DIY dollhouse kit from Rolife is this Miss Dessert Sweet Shop!

I made a lot of changes to this DIY dollhouse kit and even added my miniature pastries instead of using the materials provided. You can see the changes in the video below.

I love sweet shop miniature dollhouses, in fact, this is the 2nd sweet shop that I featured. The first one is a cake shop I got from Gearbest long ago.

This Rolife Sweet Shop DIY miniature house gave us room to modify the pieces. It’s actually up to us how we can make it more beautiful or how we want a dream cake shop would be.

I decided to stay with the original color because it actually gives a candy and sweet vibe.

Since it’s the soft opening of Miss Dessert, I added balloons to the decor too. Those balloons are actually water balloons I bought from a toy store. Of course, I didn’t put water.

The ice cream, candy, and cupcake decor I added in front of the miniature shop was from a craft store.

I remember when I was working on this dollhouse kit, I was planning our wedding. It’s 3 months away from the date that time. One reason why I chose to not add too much effort to this kit was that I was really busy with life in general. I am still happy with how it turned out though. Besides, I love cake and sweet shops.

My Nendoroid and other chibi figures love to eat sweets and this dollhouse is a great fit for them.

From time to time, I still photograph my Nendoroid in this miniature dollhouse. I still have a bunch of them in my files, will post them here too soon.

You can buy the dollhouse kit HERE.


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