Yotsuba&! Figure Collection Vol. 2 in CuteBee Cat Cafe Garden

I had these cute Yotsuba trading figures for quite some time now and I haven’t unboxed them until the dollhouse kit from CuteBee was finished.

The size of the figure is just perfect and it can fit in the dollhouse. Yay!

In my last post, I promised that I am going to share with you some pictures of Yotsuba in it, so here you go.

This one is from Vol.1
Yotsuba being herself.

Yotsuba&! Figure Collection Vol. 2 box set has 5 Yotsuba in a different pose. I like how it captured the childlike Yotsuba and her full cuteness.

Hoping that they will release another volume of my favorite figurine. Isn’t it obvious, that I just love her?

For those who might be wondering about the Cat Cafe Garden, you can buy this adorable dollhouse kit here at CuteBee.

Watch the video below!


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