Miniature Baking Scene – Kitchen Bakery Set

I got this cute miniature kitchen bakery set from weeks ago. It is designed for 1:12 scale but it still looks perfect with my Nendoroid Mako Mankanshoku. Continue reading “Miniature Baking Scene – Kitchen Bakery Set”

Nendoroid Tea Party : Miniature Dollhouse Tea Set

Today, we are taking a look at a gorgeous porcelain tea set that is perfect for Nendoroid, Cu-poche, dolls and action figures. It’s a 15pc colorful tea set designed for 1:12 scale. It has bright and colorful flowers, trimmed in gold. Continue reading “Nendoroid Tea Party : Miniature Dollhouse Tea Set”

Kixkillradio at Animax Carnival Philippines 2016

Animax is a destination for Japanese anime in Asia, including the Philippines. They are also active in engaging with their audiences at local events including Animax Carnival. I never really thought that I’d be part of this awesome event.  Continue reading “Kixkillradio at Animax Carnival Philippines 2016”

Nendoroid Umaru: What to Eat Today Oniisan

I’m so excited and happy that one of my YouTube videos, DIY Miniature Kitchen room got 100k views in less than a month. I didn’t really expect it. I make videos so I can share some ideas to those aspiring toy photographers. It’s also a start for other amazing opportunities. Watch out for the new miniature project that I’m working with, I’ll keep you all posted.  Continue reading “Nendoroid Umaru: What to Eat Today Oniisan”

Nendoroid Sawako Kuronuma: Bento for Kazehaya


In Japan, bento is a portable packed meal eaten for lunch by students or even office workers. You can buy bento from convenient stores, grocery stores or you can make one for yourself or someone you care for. Continue reading “Nendoroid Sawako Kuronuma: Bento for Kazehaya”