I Got a Package from Robotime!

As a big fan of Rolife DIY miniature Houses, I feel lucky and grateful to receive this awesome gift. Huge thanks to Tank of Robotime for making it possible.

I still remember it was 5 years ago when I discovered Robotime because there was someone at Robotime who believed in me and ask if I would be interested to try their dollhouse kit. The first kit I received was Cathy’s Flower House (Greenhouse). The dollhouse was new to me but there was joy in making their kit. I had fun customizing it a little.

Years passed and I met Bessy. She had been very kind and generous, just like the other. We became friends on Facebook too. Until I told her I had to take a break from DIY stuff as I was about to give birth. Then the pandemic happened. Knowing she’s from China, I had to check on her too. I felt relieved knowing she and her family were safe from Covid. Still hoping for the best for her and her twins.

3 years after, I got a message from Tank of Robotime. He is also kind and generous enough to send me this gift today on top of the business cooperation.

I think what I love about the company aside from their products is their staff. They have friendly people behind the brand.

I am thankful to those people I met in Robotime.

When my baby gets older, I hope she finds joy in building these kits with me just like I did the first time.

Today I am sharing with you a very short video of what Robotime sent me this time. I am excited to start building these kits!


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  1. ruw777 says:

    Oh wow, how awesome 💞 I’m excited to see how they turn out.

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