Nendoroid Photography: Halloween Theme

Sorry for the late post. I hope everyone had a wonderful halloween.

Sharing you all what my nendoroids were up to during Halloween.
BRS Project: “Trick or Treat”

I found these costumes last year in a local store. I think these are originally made for tiny teddy bears. I have no talent in sewing so I just made a few adjustment so it didn’t look so big on them, and then placed them in these tiny baskets and get some balloons/ribbons for decoration.

Here ya go, enjoy the pictures! ^_^

K-On Nendoroid Halloween Treats

I just re-used some of the props in my BRS Project Trick or Treat in this photo shoot. Yui, Mugi, Azunyan, Mio and Ritsu are just so incredibly adorable with these costumes.

Somebody save Mio-chan from the cat. Awww~~

Thank you for looking! ❤



    1. glad to have you back mate. im happy that you loved the photos, i so loved them too. didn’t expect the photo shoot to come out like this, and the feedback I got from these pictures from other pages and sites was really inspiring to do my best and share more works to the world ^_^

  1. Omggg…*stunned*

    I was really speechless at the BRS bit but when the K-On one rolled about I just squealed in delight..a manly squeal if you were wondering. Great great great job!
    Really missed your photos when I wasn’t blogging. =3

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