Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai Mini Squall

Here’s another Trading Arts Kai Mini of Squall from Final Fantasy 8.

He comes out with an extra body too. I just don’t understand why his right arm is longer than the other. I know it may be of a certain pose or something, but I just can’t pose him enough to have that kick ass look. Squall is good looking as ever even in this mini version.

He looks charming.

The trio.

Thank you for dropping by! ^_^


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  1. amaruro_03 says:

    Squall just looks simply adorable!!! *o* LOLed when i saw the pic of squall and saber! xD btw, nice shots, mate! a perfect choice of backgrounds! 😀

    1. sheng says:

      Sorry it took a while for my reply. Outdoor photography is the easiest when we don’t have any concept yet. >_> I personally think that it looks too simple, I guess because I do not know much of the characters.

      Thank you for dropping by mi friend! ^_^

  2. squaremusics says:

    Nice bokeh 🙂

  3. Mai Nguyen says:

    Squall looks so cute ❤ ❤ I just can't resist him lol =]] Would you mind if I repost your photos ? 🙂

    1. sheng says:

      yeah cool 🙂

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