Happy Easter!

Here’s a new photo set featuring Kyoto Animation’s limited edition figures of K-On! (Movie) Ending Version – Singing with Yui Hirasawa, Ritsu Tainaka,  Tsumugi and Mio Akiyama. I have these figures for a while now and I am still waiting to get Azusa Nakano. I already requested to get her in a local store, I haven’t get any…

Happy Mother’s Day

Here’s a set of Mother’s Day inspired photos. I made this  for my mom and showed it to her this morning. She loved it.

Nendoroid Photography: Halloween Theme

Sorry for the late post. I hope everyone had a wonderful halloween. Sharing you all what my nendoroids were up to during Halloween. BRS Project: “Trick or Treat” I found these costumes last year in a local store. I think these are originally made for tiny teddy bears. I have no talent in sewing so…

Wagnaria Playset A & B: K-On Doughnuts Day

Sorry for not being able to update my blog, I’ve been so busy. I got the package a couple of weeks ago with Wagnaria Playset A and B, Re-ment Doughnuts and Orkara Fastfood, and lastly P-chan from the anime Ranma 1/2. Yesterday, I took the time to play a little and take a few shots…

K-On Nendoroid Cuteness

These are my first set of K-On photos which I found in my hard drive.  Photos taken in late 2010 using my friend’s dslr Nikon D5000.  I don’t know how to use dslr before, not too sure about the settings too.