New loots for November

Last Saturday, I went to Manila to pick up new items.

Miku Hatsune Cheerful Ver Scale, Yui Kyoto Animation Exc and Nano is finally here! Thank you My Japanese Hobby! I’m not planning to open them yet, I guess I have to wait for Nendoroid Hakase to arrive.  I need to think of new toy photography concept for Miku and Yui.

Another good news, I got a winning prize in Tomopop’s Micropixel last month – still waiting for their email. I’m hoping to get Menma by Max Factory (cross fingers).

Last week, I received a message from a popular toy company in Japan, asking me if i would be interested in taking pictures of their newest figure line.  I am really happy and so excited! It’s an honor for me to be working with a toy company who makes an effort to produce such quality figures. I’ll be happy to lend my help to market their figures worldwide.

*Hint: I’m a sucker for adorable and cute figures. So yeah.. that’s it for now.  😉


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  1. yomizakura says:

    wow cool you got invitation..?
    also congratulation for getting miku cheer ver :3
    she look perfect from all teaser photos i saw ~

    1. sheng says:

      Hi, thanks! They will be sending the figures that they want me to photograph ^^

  2. 赤信号 says:

    Wow you’re seriously awesome! XD

    I wish you all the best and am so jealous…will work hard and hope to reach your level one of these days. And like your loot too! Can’t wait for pictures of Nano and the coming Hakase! XD

    1. sheng says:

      Heya, thank you! I’m sure you can do it too! I love your outdoor photographs!
      Let’s do our best! ^_^

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