Happy Mother’s Day

Here’s a set of Mother’s Day inspired photos. I made this  for my mom and showed it to her this morning. She loved it.

Nendoroid Azusa Nakano Birthday Party

Back with another figure photography, this time it’s Azunyan’s birthday! Yui, Mugi, Ritsu, Mio and Ui were successful with their surprise party for Azunyan. “Happy Birthday!” The decorations I used are papercraft, I want to achieve a real life-like feel of someone’s birthday party so I applied it to Azunyan’s special day. The food I…

Nendoroid Photography: Halloween Theme

Sorry for the late post. I hope everyone had a wonderful halloween. Sharing you all what my nendoroids were up to during Halloween. BRS Project: “Trick or Treat” I found these costumes last year in a local store. I think these are originally made for tiny teddy bears. I have no talent in sewing so…

Wagnaria Playset A & B: K-On Doughnuts Day

Sorry for not being able to update my blog, I’ve been so busy. I got the package a couple of weeks ago with Wagnaria Playset A and B, Re-ment Doughnuts and Orkara Fastfood, and lastly P-chan from the anime Ranma 1/2. Yesterday, I took the time to play a little and take a few shots…

Azunyan in Good Smile Studios

My Azunyan picture in Good Smile Studio. This is during WonFest broadcast last February, check out Danny Choo’s full post in Culture Japan. 

K-On Nendoroid Cuteness

These are my first set of K-On photos which I found in my hard drive.  Photos taken in late 2010 using my friend’s dslr Nikon D5000.  I don’t know how to use dslr before, not too sure about the settings too.