Happy World Photography Day: Sawako’s New Hobby

I remember buying a set of Re-ment miniature long ago just to get the miniature DSLR and I haven’t taken pictures of it. When I built Rolife SOHO Time miniature dollhouse into a photographer’s office, that’s when I think of Nendoroid Sawako having a new hobby, photography! Finally, the mini DSLR will be of use to one of my Nendoroids.

As a photographer, I usually scout the place if there’s a good location for background. It also works for toy photography. Most times, I imagine myself as small as this cute Nendoroid and wonder what could they see at their eye level. What could be the nicest place you want to take a picture of.

After the photo shoot, I would go to my laptop and transfer all the files and choose the ones I like.

I took lots of pictures that sometimes took ages for me to choose the sharpest and the nicest ones.

Good thing, in the middle of work there’s a kitty that likes to play.


Time for a break. Let’s play kitty-chan.

If you like miniature dollhouses like the ones I have? I recommend these Rolife kits. Check their website and buy this SOHO time dollhouse here.


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