DIY Miniature Cherry Blossoms for Nendoroid Photography

I am sure you have watched plenty of anime and drama scenes with cherry blossoms in full bloom. I am in love with cherry blossoms and I wanted to bring my Nendoroids in them to life. As a toy photographer, I have always imagined that scene in my photo shoots. I have actually made quite a lot of photographs before using my old miniature Sakura tree. I used that tree numerous times until it broke and I had to make a new one for the Hanami season. I even made a YouTube video tutorial in the past.

Just last Spring, I made the newest and improved version of my miniature Cherry Blossom Tree that can be used for toy and Nendoroid photography.

The crepe paper that I used was a little bit thicker than the ones you can buy at school supplies. I think the texture is also perfect for the project. However, I’ve been looking for a nice branch of a tree where I live but couldn’t find one. So I just settled with the one I got.

This version of Cherry Blossoms is more daunting as I had to cut tiny petals. You can imagine how many cut-outs I made just to finish a part of a tree.

As for me, I managed to be patient until I covered all the stems of the branch. Besides, I like how it turned out.

The most important part of making miniatures is to just enjoy the process.

Here’s the newest video of the miniature Cherry Blossom Tree. Enjoy!

I planned to take more pictures using this miniature cherry blossom tree but it’s already rainy season where I live. Maybe I will try again once I have the time and when the sun shines again.


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