A Special Package from Good Smile Company

Another dream come true in my 11 years of this wonderful hobby life!

I am a huge fan of Good Smile Company products since 2010 and even collected a great number of Nendoroids. When I started anime figure collecting and Toy & Nendoroid Photography, I have never imagined that a time will come when I will be officially be working with this amazing company.

In the past, I fell in love doing toy photography and their Nendoroid has been my favorite subject ever since. In doing so, I found a new hobby too. Making miniatures, dollhouses, and dioramas for my tiny figurines. I even set up a Youtube channel for fans who are curious to know how I build my props and backdrops.

It was actually in 2014 when I first had a chance to work with Goodsmile US to promote some of their exclusive Wonfes figurines with the help of Mamitan. I can still remember that feeling as if it was just yesterday.

The difference this year is that I will be working together with Goodsmile PH. Finally, we now have GSC in the Philippines! They are pretty new and I want to give my 100% support with GSC PH team.

They sent me this huge package in the first week of July. Make sure to watch the video to see the items they gave me. They are so CUTE!

I felt bad that I haven’t finished the first diorama as I have injured my right hand. It’s been 2 weeks since I had it checked with the doctor and sadly the healing is taking so long. Hopefully, by the end of July, I can now resume what I have started.

I thank God for these amazing experiences that I can’t wait to share the stories with my daughter.

Thank you Good Smile Company, you’re the BEST!


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