Nendoroid Sakura Miku – Bloomed in Japan

In Japan, this is the best time to see the cherry blossoms. The sakura bloom throughout the end of March until May all over the country. What a wonderful scenery to see. I hope I can see it for myself someday.

Today, I’m showing you figure photos of Good Smile Company Nendoroid #500 Sakura Miku: Bloomed in Japan version in my Japanese home diorama. The part of the diorama was built long ago and I’ve used it in my past works. My brother helped me modify it a bit for Sony Toy Photography workshop last month.

Miku is excited, so let’s take a look!


I made a simple Japanese garden with cherry tree where Miku can enjoy hanami viewing.

Since we have various types of rocks in our garden, I used it for designing the Japanese home exterior. The grass and some of the plants were fake too.


Nendoroid Sakura Miku: Bloomed in Japan is the very first figure to be “Made in Japan” at Good Smile Company’s Lucky Factory located in Tottori, Japan. I got her pretty late but I’m glad I still did. She looks adorable in her 3 face expressions, springtime treats and pink outfit.


Hanami Viewing Treats


Hello, Spring!









Her friends will be joining her soon.. Watch out for it! ^_^



Photos were taken between 7:30am-10am using Sony A6300 and Sony 50mm f/1.8 OSS.


From a sushi mat, I made a miniature bamboo fence.


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  1. wieselhead says:

    Nice diorama workover, I never had noticed you used the house before.
    I really like it and the wonderful cherry tree branches as stylistic element.
    Sakura Miku looks exceptionally adorable and cute in light pink.

    So you roughly plan ~ 2,5 hours for a shooting? without setting everything in place?

    1. kixkillradio says:

      The interior is old, but the exterior part of the house is new. 😀
      Yes. I usually spend that amount of time to shoot. I am always looking at the smallest details, posing and right framing. The house is already built weeks ago, I made the garden the night before the shoot.

  2. Fubuki_Time says:

    You always make such beautiful setups! I especially love the top down photos with the cherry blossoms framing the shot. That’s a really nice angle! I also really appreciate how you show at the end how you set everything up and how you made the fence. As a beginner photographer, I really really appreciate getting tips and tricks like that! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next ^^

  3. laratollin says:

    The doll is adorable and the pictures you take of her make her seem quite real.

  4. Ate sheng, san po nakakabili ng fake grass and plants?

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