CuteBee Dollhouse Miniature Cat Cafe Garden

Hey guys!

I’m back building dollhouses and DIY projects, and the first one on the list is a super adorable kit from CuteBee. Thanks, CuteBee for sending this out to me!

If you check into their website, CuteBee does have plenty of dollhouse kits, when I say a lot. They have SO MANY beautiful kits to choose from! They also launched their official website, which is great for international customers. Click HERE to see what I’ve been telling you about.

Also, make sure to follow their official social media accounts to be updated with their new products and promos.

It was really nice to be back working on something I love to do, and one of it is building dollhouse miniatures. Hopefully, I get to do this on regular basis just like before. My toddler is a bit clingy so sometimes it’s a challenge to finish it quickly.

So today, I am sharing with you all some pictures I took after building this cute dollhouse miniature Cat Cafe Garden. This is just perfect for all the cat lovers out there. It can also be a great present for your friends and family too! I asked the CuteBee representative if I can make some changes and they agreed, so I’m really happy with that.

Please do watch the assembly video. You will see some tips and learn something new about building dollhouse kits and how I go about modifying them.

I am in love with wood accents and light, neutral colors.

Since I have plenty of crafting materials left from previous dollhouse kits, I made sure to use them. Like the wooden texture paper on the table, the flowers/plants, cake stand, chopping board, etc.

I also added a few miniature pieces from my collection.

Since this is a 1/24 scale dollhouse kit, sorry fellow Nendoroid/Figma/Scale figure collectors. They wouldn’t fit in here. I think Gashapon/trading figures like Yotsuba and Nendoroid Petites can fit inside.

I will be sharing pictures of my trading figures and Nendoroid Petite in my next post. Stay tuned!

If you’re one of us, dollhouse miniature collectors, it’s your chance to get this with $5 OFF when you buy on the CuteBee website! Buy HERE.

Here’s my DISCOUNT CODE: EBZKD1 valid until July 16, 2022!


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