Toy Photography with Slickforce Softlight

Earlier this month, Slickforce Studio sent this package for me to check out and try their product.


Slickforce Softlight is a miniature replica of a professional octagonal softbox. This is not really made as a lighting gear for toy/figure photographers but it serves as a reference tool to learn photography and lighting. It is something that you can play with. Slickforce Softlight actually functions just like a real softbox. I’ve been using desk lamps for my lighting in toy photography for the past years. It was just early this year when Sony provided me a camera video light (HVL-LE1) to use for my hobby. But today, with the Slickforce Softlight’s feature, I used it as an alternative to my desk lamps. You will see the results later on.

To give you an idea, I made an unboxing video of this cool miniature softbox.

Please note that the video was shot on our porch in daylight, so you probably wouldn’t see much difference when I turned the light on. But of course, trying it indoor to the dark settings makes a big difference.

Key Product Features:
• 1 Watt LED “true white” bulb that lasts 10,000+ hours
• Octagonal silver umbrella
• Octagonal translucent diffuser
• Reflective metallic interior that magnifies light output

Product Specifications:
• Octagonal softbox – 4 in.
• Softbox power cord – 12.25 in
• Light stand-base – 2.25 in
• 2 extender poles – 3 cm each
• Battery generator – 2.25 in x 2.25 in x 1.25 in
• Requires 4 AA Batteries (not included)

Here are few sample pictures I took with the Slickforce Softlight for you to see the result. I also included the behind the scene set up of each photos. Here ya go!

Set Up 1:

Room with light on, using 1 Slickforce Softlight



Set Up 2:

Room with light on, using 2 Slickforce Softlight (attached diffusers)



Set Up 3:

Room with light off, dark room; using 1 Slickforce Softlight (attached diffuser)

One-light set up is usually my style because it creates a certain drama feel. (Don’t cry Renchon)



Set Up 4:

Room using a Natural lighting from the window and 1 Slickforce Softlight



Which one looks better? 

I am hoping to get an early morning vibe, so I like the first image better with the Slickforce Softlight lighting up Renge’s face.

The second image is a bit darker but with a drama feel to it. The brightness and exposure of the image can be fixed in Lightroom or Photoshop.

Set Up 5:

Diorama outside in daylight; using 1 Slickforce Softlight (Octagonal silver umbrella)


Although, I can use a reflector for this one. I brought the softlight out in our garden and used it to lighten up the Nendoroid room.



  • Slickforce Softlight has a beautiful design and it’s really cool to see a replica of a professional softbox. If you want to learn portrait/fashion photography, it will help you understand the lighting and pre-visualize the studio or on-location shoots with this tool. If you have a friend who likes photography or a photographer, you can send him this as a gift or souvenir.
  • It is very lightweight. If you are the type to go some place and shoot, you can bring it without worrying the weight and size. However, I don’t advise using this outdoor especially if it’s windy because it will tend to fall over. I suggest to place it on a steady and flat surface.
  • Is it durable? Mine got out of balance and fell over about three times and it’s still working fine (luckily). It is made of plastic material so try to use it with care, plus it looks fragile because of the thin poles. Using both extender poles will make it fall over, so I suggest just using one. If not in use, it is best to keep it in its box or a safe container. It will also look nice to display it on your desk or display cabinet along with your figures.
  • It is portable. Using 4 AA batteries to operate, you can set it up anywhere. I was told that it needs to be regular batteries as the rechargeable kind doesn’t put out as much light as regular batteries.
  • You can not aim the light up or down just like how we do with our desk lamps/camera light but Slickforce Softlight has extender poles so you can adjust the light depending on the height of your subject. Although, I know in most cases we need our light to aim on a particular spot – either up or down, and this is something Slickforce Softlight can’t do.
  • The octagonal diffuser is removable. It is advisable to use the octagonal silver umbrella when shooting outdoor for it to have enough light output.
  • It is fun to use as an accessory or props if you are planning to make a photo studio themed photography of your Statues, Nendoroid and action figures.

If you are interested in getting this product, visit the link below:

Slickforce Softlight™ – Miniature LED Umbrella Light w/ Diffuser

or if you have inquiries please email them at


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