NEW Slickforce Softlight (2nd GEN) for Toy and Nendoroid Photography

I recently received a new version of Slickforce Studio’s Softlight which I can use as a lighting tool for photographing my miniature dollhouses and anime figurines.

When I heard the news that they would be sending me a sample for me to try, I got really excited.

I think they had taken notes of our feedback before and made some huge improvements to the 2nd GEN. I also made a review of their 1st release of Slickforce soft light.

Let me share with you the unboxing video of this cool new toy from Slickforce Studio.


  • USB powered (No more AA batteries!) – I use power bank and it lights up 5x BRIGHTER than the original version!
  • Metal Solid Base – No more tipping over. The metal base is heavy enough to support the weight of the umbrella.


  • Powerful 5 Watt LED “true white” bulb
  • Octagonal silver umbrella
  • Octagonal translucent diffuser (Yes, it has a removable diffusion cover)
  • Highly reflective metallic interior (magnifies light output)
  • 2 extender poles for height adjustment

As a beginner in toy and Nendoroid photography, I think this is one of the best tools to use.

Below are some pictures I took using the Slickforce Softlight 2nd GEN and some of the behind-the-scenes.

  1. Sakura’s photo was taken in a dark environment and used two Soft lights. It perfectly lights up even the background.

2. Elsa in the dark

To achieve a dramatic scene, I covered the top of the dollhouse. I also used 2 Soft lights.

3. Shoyo Hinata of Haikyuu in Daylight

It was taken with a mix of natural light and used 2 Softlights, 1 as the key light and the other as a fill light.

4. Sawako Kuronuma and the afternoon light

I wanted the sunlight to be visible in the miniature room so I took this shot at around 4pm. Without the Softlight, there’s a heavy shadow in the room and on Sawako’s face.

It helped to lighten up the subject and the background. Btw, I only used 1 Softlight.

In the next photos, you will see the difference in the picture without the lighting. Slickforce Softlight did an amazing job to lighten up my subjects.

With Slickforce Softlight
Without Slickforce Softlight


  • With Slickforce Softlight’s upgrade, it became really useful in photographing small subjects. I will definitely use this often.
  • No more tipping over, thanks to the solid metal base.
  • Brighter than the original.
  • Having a miniature replica of a professional softlight made this one a nice gift or a souvenir for your photographer friends.
  • For beginners, this may be used as a learning tool to help understand the lighting in Photography.
  • This is portable. You can use power banks to power it up, that way you can bring it anywhere even outdoor.
  • It’s also a nice display on your shelf or working table.
  • A nice props for photographing anime figurines. (Nendoroid, Figma and Scale figure)

If you are interested in getting this product, visit the link below:

Slickforce Softlight 2nd GEN


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