Nendoroid Summer Vacation

Today’s post is my figure photography of nendoroids enjoying their summer vacay. I finally get to use the diorama we built for the Sony workshop last weekend. The cabin, furniture and some of the beach props are hand made. Thanks to my brother for lending me his talent in finishing this set.

Because we’re far from the actual beach location, I just took this diorama out in our garden for a natural lighting effect. The setting is a beach bar that offers ice cream, soda, shaved ice and fruit beverages to nendoroid customers. It is a place for them to stay cool and enjoy the summer breeze.

Meet Ohana. She is the one in-charge of the beach bar.


Saber knows how to stay cool in this summer. Her choice of ice cream is one of the best frozen treats to fight the heat.

Nendoroid Snow Miku Snow Owl is enjoying a slice of watermelon to keep her refreshed and energized. “Sweet!”

Summer-1WOne of our fave OTP, Nendoroid Sayaka Miki and Kyouko Sakura are making memories together at the beach.

Summer-1-14WThe beach is such a great musical inspiration. Playing a guitar on a beautiful afternoon with the sound of crashing waves is bliss. Nendoroid Snow Miku Magical ver is gonna sing us a song. ❤

Summer-1-4WNendoroid Mako knows how to have some fun!

and to relax at the beach. :p

Someone is ready to go swimming. Go Yotsuba!

That’all for today guys! Watch out for more summer themed pics of my collection this week!


Here’s the link on how to make the summer props on this set up:
Beach Umbrella


Yes, this was just taken in out front yard.


Thanks to Hubbyte Toy Store for the Nendoroid More: Summer Body parts and Yotsuba Trading figure!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tian says:

    Still to early for summer where I am T_T

    These remind me of my New Year’s vacation though… wish I was still on it lol

    Love the shots of Mako relaxing! She’s my favorite!

    1. kixkillradio says:

      Same here. That sleeping Mako face expression is really cute 😀

  2. wieselhead says:

    Personally summer is my favorite season and a tropical beach my perfect place, you created a perfect recreation of the summerly atmosphere (*´▽`*). Thats a stunning and cute diorama and good use of sunlight. I really like these pictures (๑°꒵°๑)♥ obviously Sayaka and Kyoko are my favorite, but Mako and the others also looks lovely in your pictures.

    1. kixkillradio says:

      It’s a good thing that my mom is keeping a jar full of beach sand in our house. 😀 I’m glad you enjoyed these pictures, will add more photos soon. ^_^

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