Kixkillradio at Sony Photography Fair 2016 – A Toy Photography Workshop

A beautiful day to start as my friend, boyfriend and I walked along the streets of BGC to look for the venue. I came from the southern region so I wasn’t really familiar with the place but it’s a great experience to see the city.

[ FINAL ] DI Launch Invite A6300DSC02097 (Large)

It was almost 8:30am when we reached the destination and found the Sony staff outside the building. I had to be early to set up my diorama and anime figures for Sony’s special event. The event was scheduled to start at 10 am.

DSC02038 (Large)The reception area with our posters (Kyaaaa!). The venue is designed with a summer theme. So cool!

DSC02036 (Large)
Aside from me, there are three other talented photographers that partnered with Sony for this event. They are Jelito de Leon (Lifestyle photography), Kimi Juan (Travel photography), and Charisma Lico (Fashion photography). All of us will be doing a workshop and sharing our expertise.

DSC00049 (Large)


The three of us came in early that day. (L-R: Jelito, Kimi and me. Kimi is so pretty!)

DSC02030 (Large)

DSC02029 (Large)
I only have 3 dioramas for this event, including a Summer theme, a garden wedding and a Japanese home.
Wedding Diorama set up at Sony Workshop
DSC02120 (Large)Victor Galang (Hubbyte Toy Store owner) and the rest of the Hubbyte team came to give me support. He also provided some of the figures in the display area.

The event is about to start. People started to enter the hall.
DSC02041 (Large)

DSC02073 (Large)
On March 19, 2016, Sony officially launched the newest camera Sony A6300 in the Philippines.

DSC02046 (Large)
In the event, you get to try the newest camera in town – Sony A6300 and these amazing lenses.
DSC02045 (Large)

DSC02051 (Large)Jelito was the first one to discuss his expertise. DSC02054 (Large)
Here’s Jelito sharing some tips on doing lifestyle photography. It’s great to learn his techniques. I’ve been a follower of his Instagram for a year now. 😀

At 1pm, it’s my turn to share my passion with everyone. I’m a bit nervous at first and later on enjoyed sharing what I love to do.
SonyShengThe crowd was overwhelming. There were so many people who are curious and eager to learn toy photography. I saw familiar faces and there were toy collectors who attended the event.

DSC02113 (Large)I showed them my lighting techniques as well.

DSC02121 (Large)

After the workshop, my friend took this picture of me with my Sony A6300 and Nendoroid Kirby. It’s finally over and it felt great to be able to spread the love of anime figure collecting and photography to people.

It’s now Kimi’s turn to share her love for travel and photography. She also gave some tips on taking nice pictures when you go travel.
DSC02130 (Large)

Charisma Lico is a young fashion photographer and I was really amazed by her works. She discussed how it was different with styled portraits and other shots endorsed by celebrities. I didn’t know that not everything you see in fashion magazines is fashion photography.

I’m not really a person who likes fashion but it’s interesting to learn from her.
Charisma Lico - Fashion Photography Workshop

DSC02132 (Large)Charisma shared her techniques and camera settings in shooting a model.

It’s the last part of the event and as soon as the clock hits 4pm, I’m ready to go home. I had an amazing time with friends and fellow toy collectors. It was nice meeting these amazing photographers and friendly Sony staff. It was also great to mingle with the attendees.

I’d like to thank my friends for the support, Jesper, and Abdul for staying by my side. Thanks to Ogilvy for taking care of me and Sony Philippines for being so awesome!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tian says:

    Congrats on another successful event! It’s so cool that you get to share your love of toy photography in front of an audience!!

    1. kixkillradio says:

      Thanks Tian! I remember in my last workshop, I have influenced a couple of people to do figure collecting. The other one has a huge number of nendoroids already in just a few months time. 😀

  2. wieselhead says:

    Great event from Sony in your country, I like that they have 4 different fields of photography. especially great Toy photography was included with you again. Hehe, yeah looks like more people came, a lot more ^^
    Your dioramas are quite enchanting, I like these little “lamps” on tripod, cool idea ~ヾ(^∇^)

    1. kixkillradio says:

      Yes, I am really surprised with the number of attendees. It was really a wonderful experience to speak about our passion, our hobby. The lamps are provided by Sony, they also let me use it for toy photography. I’m happy you loved the diorama, I made it more presentable to the crowd as I usually have a very messy dio set up in my house. 😀

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