Nendoroid Yotsuba Koiwai – Hanami

Every year in Spring time, people in Japan would gather together to watch the fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms. They watch the flower blooms at the parks, gardens, and the most scenic Sakura spots. I wish someday when Senna gets older we can plan a trip to Japan to watch and experience Hanami together. Being…

Nendoroid Summer Vacation

Today’s post is my figure photography of nendoroids enjoying their summer vacay. I finally get to use the diorama we built for the Sony workshop last weekend. The cabin, furniture and some of the beach props are hand made. Thanks to my brother for lending me his talent in finishing this set.

Yotsuba&! Figure Collection Vol. 1

Today’s feature is my figure photography of Yotsuba&! Figure Collection Vol. 1. This cute Yotsuba trading figure is about 5cm length. This set includes all 5 different actions and that’s what I am gonna show you today.

Yotsuba and Danbo Adventures

Today’s post is my last  part of Yotsuba and Danbo photo series.  I really enjoyed these two figures by Revoltech. There are so many things you can do, especially if you have accessories to use to make a story. I’ll start with their Halloween-themed photos. Yotsuba is gonna be a star, while Danbo is a…

Revoltech Yotsuba Koiwai (Renewal Version)

Famous character Yotsuba Koiwai from the manga Yotsuba&! gets another figure release by Kaiyodo Revoltech along with her cardboard robot friend, Danbo.  I got these awesome goodies couple of weeks ago, thanks to Revoltech Philippines. Yotsuba’s Renewal version aside from a new box, it comes with bunch of accessories compared to its first release. So…