Nendoroid Summer Vacation

Today’s post is my figure photography of nendoroids enjoying their summer vacay. I finally get to use the diorama we built for the Sony workshop last weekend. The cabin, furniture and some of the beach props are hand made. Thanks to my brother for lending me his talent in finishing this set.

Yotsuba&! Monochrome Animals Vol 1 by Kaiyodo (Part 2)

Another set of photos of this adorable capsule toy, Yotsuba Monochrome Animal before I move on to another figure to shoot. There are so many things you can do with Yotsuba here even without using the animals. My favorite is Yotsuba with a killer whale.

Yotsuba&! Monochrome Animal Vol. 1. by Kaiyodo (Part 1)

Today’s post is my photo shoot of  Kaiyodo’s recent gashapon release, Yotsuba&! Monochrome Animal Vol. 1. I got my hands on this adorable set through Hubbyte Toy Store. I dedicate this post to them for being generous and giving me my dream set of gashapon. Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. ^_^ If you…