Nendoroid Snow Miku: Magical Snow Ver.

Ever since the winning design of Snow Miku was announced last year, the excitement over the Magical version is on the highest level for all the fans. When I saw Snow Miku previewed by Mikatan, I was really excited to get her because everything about her is just so adorable. She’s a Snow Miku that you wouldn’t really want to miss.

Fortunately, early this month Good Smile Company has been in contact with me that they will be sending me their products for figure photos. When I learned that great news, I am also hoping to get Snow Miku Magical version, but knowing it’s a Wonfes exlusive I’d still think it’s not possible. But the good guys of Good Smile Company and Mamitan made it all possible! So I am really thankful to them for this great opportunity and awesome experience. It’s been one of my dreams to have a figure photo collaboration with the company that made me started collecting and having this special Nendoroid to start is just amazing. Thank you!

So today, we are taking a look at the most popular and super cute Nendoroid Snow Miku: Magical Snow Version by Good Smile Company. I don’t have earlier Snow Miku version so I wouldn’t know if this box is a lot bigger than before, but this is really way bigger than Snow Miku Strawberry White Kimono.

You will get this box when you purchased her, but inside it is like a precious gem.

Inside the brown box is this elegant blue color box with gold designs that make it really look like a magical book. Just by look of this box make you think how special this Nendoroid can be.

And here’s what it looks like inside.
There’s an information about Snow Miku and brief introduction of the most popular vocaloid Hatsune Miku on the left part of the box.


Nendoroid Snow Miku Magical Version comes with a magic wand, effects part, special book stand, magic circle and sitting part. A Rabbit Yukine and a hugging Rabbit Yukine is also included. She has extra hands and special arm parts for a full magical experience. Her new face expressions are absolutely adorable, my heart melt when I saw her.

I made 3 photo sets for her, a room setting, magical book and a winter-theme.
In the room setting, I wanted to capture a moment of her studying new tricks and magic. The bookshelf and books are hand-made.





She also wanted to write a love letter. :3


The Magical Book set: Snow Miku is trying to get out of her box. Look how cute she is!!!!


Finally, it seems she’s enjoying the view outside her box.

The Winter is Coming: For this set, we do not actually have a winter season because I live in a tropical country. I decided to make a snowy diorama just for her. Enjoy!





IMG_5571La la la la la






Overall, I really enjoy playing with Snow Miku Magical version. Her stand parts, gave a support that would let you pose her in a cute way with stability. Though, I didn’t use much of her stand in these sets and I used my technique. Snow Miku is also enjoyable taking her photos outside, you have to be careful handling her for she is a precious gem.

I like the detail of her simple and cute magical dress. The hat looks pretty nice too. Even without her hat, Miku still looks cute. I love her new twin-tail hair style with long blue ribbons. It’s always been refreshing to see a new hair style of Miku Hatsune. I love the detail of hair and the color shading has been perfectly done on my Snow Miku 2014.

Rabbit Hakune’s head is also removable and it would let you turn its head either on its left or right.

If you are a Hatsune Miku figure fan, then you must have her and experience the magical power of Snow Miku. Haha. Nendoroid Snow Miku: Magical Snow Version is now available for pre-order only for a LIMITED TIME, so hurry!

That’s all for today guys. I hope you like this set of photos. Next post is Snow Miku Figma 2014!

These set of photos are featured on Good Smile Company page. Check it out here.



  1. Miku is adorable in this set of photos! Really well done! Where did you get this figure version of her?

    Makino F. ❤

    1. My comment got a little messed up there.
      What it was supposed to say was: Oh my gosh, GSC sent you figures! Kyaa I’m so jealous >///< That's my dream too~
      And that's a wonderful snow set you made! Especially the icy branches. Knowing you live somewhere warmer, I was confused when I first saw the preview pictures!

      1. Thanks for explaining it in detail. Haha. The icy branches were made hours before the shoot, I was super stressed that day because I have to finish everything before 17th Feb (I got the packaged 14th). Gladly, I was able to complete the set on time. ^_^

  2. Pingback: A Confused Otaku
    1. You have to place your order thru our local store either Hubbyte or GTO! I think Hubbyte is offering it for 2700 price! Not to bad for an exclusive item

  3. No, I’m not jealous XD It’s nice to see that you got such a sweet reward, your exceptionally talented with these small Nendoroids and presenting them in adorable setups. So there was a time limit?

    This Nendoroid is great, so many cool parts for playing around, love it ^^

    1. I can’t believe I missed this comment of yours. ^^
      Thank you and yes, until now I still can’t get over it. Having these adorable figures sponsored by Good Smile Company is really overwhelming and an amazing experience.

      Yes there was a time limit for these Wonfes products, I had to finish the shoot before Pre-order closes last 17th Feb. I’m glad I completed them on time even though there was a delay in FedEx.

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