Attack on Titan Characters in Another World

Have you ever wondered what these characters of Attack on Titan anime are up to in another world? Well, I just put them in Rolife Simon’s Coffee Shop dollhouse. Today, they won’t be killing titans but they came as workers at the cafe.

Here’s a fun photo set of Nendoroid Levi Cleaning Vers., Nendoroid Eren and Nendoroid Mikasa.

The baristas for today are Nendoroid Levi Ackerman and Nendoroid Eren.

Ah! Levi, you should smile a little!

Nendoroid Levi looks so handsome as he prepares coffee.

The cafe manager, Nendoroid Mikasa.

Nendoroid Eren is so serious about making coffee. Manager Mikasa must approve of the taste!

Eren crushing on Mikasa. Woot

This dollhouse kit is really nice and big enough for regular Nendoroid. You can just adjust the furniture so it would not look so cramped. It depends on the shot you’re aiming. To get the right frame, you can always move around the miniatures. That’s one reason why I don’t glue the miniatures permanently. I only use blu-tack.

Do you want to have this kit? BUY HERE!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. ruw777 says:

    Eren crushing on Mikasa ❤️👍😍 I love AoT so much. I have a Mikasa Nendoroid coming home soon. I’m so excited. I need to buy her a house ❤️ so glad you’re reviewing these kits right now.

    1. Kixkillradio says:

      Me too! Love AOT but I promised myself that I’m just going to buy my most fave in the series. Have you seen the new Mikasa and Eren? Will you pre-order them?

      1. ruw777 says:

        I ordered the S4 Eren( I’m so excited eeek 🙃) but I’m not going to order S4 Mikasa 😭 since I already have the first version coming. I would really love to have every single character from that show ☺️

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