Nendoroid Photography at Rolife Alice’s Dreamy Bedroom

When you have a DIY miniature dollhouse kit like this for your Nendoroid, you can create plenty of bedtime toy stories. Rolife Alice’s Dreamy Bedroom with its plenty of details can give you a perfect shot of a Nendoroid.

Put the dollhouse near your window and get that natural light, and ta-dah! The sun shines through the entire miniature room just like in these pictures of Nendoroid Miku Hatsune below.

The sunlight gives off a morning vibe.

Time to wake up now Miku-chan!
Still sleepy, Miku-chan?

While you can also play with lighting and make a nighttime scene. In the following pictures, Nendoroid Menma is still on her bed until she has fallen asleep.

Menma writing on her diary.
Sleep tight, good night.

Whenever I’ve been asked by people about a dollhouse that is scaled to Nendoroid, I always recommend Rolife. They have numerous kits that are just great for Nendoroid Photography. So far, all of the dollhouse kits that I got from them are really nice. You should check out their website to see more of their new products.


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