Nendoroid Sawako Kuronuma: Bento for Kazehaya

  In Japan, bento is a portable packed meal eaten for lunch by students or even office workers. You can buy bento from convenient stores, grocery stores or you can make one for yourself or someone you care for.

Happy Easter!

Here’s a new photo set featuring Kyoto Animation’s limited edition figures of K-On! (Movie) Ending Version – Singing with Yui Hirasawa, Ritsu Tainaka,  Tsumugi and Mio Akiyama. I have these figures for a while now and I am still waiting to get Azusa Nakano. I already requested to get her in a local store, I haven’t get any…

Cu-poche Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Sayaka Miki

After more than a week with out an update in my blog, I’m back with another cute figure from the series Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Today, we are taking a look at Kotobukiya’s newest Cu-poche Sayaka Miki. She is the third character from the anime in Cu-poche series. Once again, this is sponsored by Kotobukiya. Thank you for…

Asuna and Kirito on Christmas Day

I think most of you know the lovely couple, Asuna and Kirito from Sword Art Online. Sword Art Online was pretty much one of the most popular anime last 2012. I decided to take some sweet photos of them for Christmas. Because it is Christmas, there is so much love in the air. ♡ “Gifts of…

Cu-Poche Christmas

It’s already December and this year, my Cu-poche Haruka Amami and Miki Hoshii will be up on the Christmas tree. Haha. They look adorable wearing the reindeer costume.

Cu-poche Outdoor Photos: This is an Adventure

  I just arrived from a long vacation in one of the coldest cities in the Philippines, Baguio City.  I went on a trip together with a good friend and made new friends along the way.