Cu-poche Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Sayaka Miki

After more than a week with out an update in my blog, I’m back with another cute figure from the series Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Today, we are taking a look at Kotobukiya’s newest Cu-poche Sayaka Miki. She is the third character from the anime in Cu-poche series. Once again, this is sponsored by Kotobukiya. Thank you for this lovely figure.

Sayaka Miki is a main character in the anime and Madoka’s best friend. She is a music lover, tomboyish, confident and energetic.

Let’s take a look at No. 9 Cu-poche Sayaka Miki. She is sculpted by Kei Tanaka.



She comes with 3 face expressions (screaming, smile and tehehe) and 4 swords with stand sets. A no-hair accessory front hair part is also included along with 4 other optional hand parts. Of course, base and Cu-poche plastic bag is also included.

There are 2 set ups in this post, with her character in mind, I decided to make the set using blue background with a little touch of music note bokeh. I also made an photo experiment, making it look like Sayaka Miki is in the middle of a battle.

“I, Puella Magi Sayaka Miki, will protect the people of Mitakihara Town, until the very end!”

IMG_6318-2I used real soil and blocks of rocks for the first photo sets. I’m not really into Photoshopping a picture so I did this one using Shutter priority and burst mode in DSLR.

IMG_6264-2I bathed her as soon as I finished this shoot. IMG_6284-2



IMG_6417-2Can you see the tiny music note bokeh effects at the back?

IMG_6444-2I used my brother’s vape for this smoke effect. 😛


IMG_6466-2This one seems like it’s 3D rendered. I like how the lights illuminate the scene, showing the details of the figure.

Kotobukiya showed us the details of each sculpt of the Magical girls. I’m pretty sure the fans of the series are thrilled to complete the set. I am also excited to get them all and take pictures of them. Sayaka Miki’s face expressions are too adorable. I feel like she’s not really into battle stuff. Haha. She looks like a little girl playing around.

I wish there’s an extra accessory included in this figure, like a violin maybe. I still have photos of the Magical girls but will do a separate post for  for Spring theme. I will also make a tutorial of miniature Sakura tree, so watch out for it. 😉

Again, thanks for checkin’ out,  see you in a couple of days!


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  1. wieselhead says:

    A new friend for my Haruka? Maybe…
    I was looking forward to see Chibi Sayaka here.

    I have GSC Scale figure of Sayaka, over time she grow on me more and more, everytime I look at her, I think “Yeah this is one of my favorite figures” 😉 Her outfit is so beautiful. Haha Sayaka don’t like fighting anymore, she works very well as cute Cu Poche girl. The tehehe face is hilarious and yeah her smiling face is adorable.

    I also prefer handmade effects in pictures like in first set, it looks really cool, a bit like a dungeon.
    The reflecting set is more like a dimensional gate.

    1. sheng says:

      Haruka will be happy to have Sayaka’s friend. You should buy her ψ(`∇´)ψ Ho ho ho

      Sayaka is lovable, also I kind of relate to her character (not a heroic one though hehe). I like the tehehe face but how come I only did 1 shot of that? Will take more photos with that face expression next time for you so that you will buy her for sure. Hahaha

      Handmade effects are the best. I’ll try to use water next time. It’s always great to experiment especially to what we do with our figures 😉

  2. Alt129 says:

    Great pics, as expected from you ^^ Is a “vape” one of those e-cigarettes? It sounds like a great tool to add smoke effects.

    1. sheng says:

      Yes, it’s e-cigarette.
      It’s great tool, trust me. 😀

      Thanks for checking out the post ❤

  3. communalwriters1 says:

    How come you always take the best pictures of the best figures?!?! It’s so awesome! Really inspiring! Loved this post and the pictures!

    1. sheng says:

      I am glad to know that, thank you. (。・ω・。)ノ♡
      Kotobukiya did a great job with Cu-poche Puella Magi series, I love them all, the details, their expressions. They look really cute, they seem to look like the little girl version of the characters.

  4. Beautiful photos! I like the dirt effects and the blue lights background! 😀

    1. sheng says:

      More cool photos coming! 😀 😀

      Thanks buddy for always checking up the blog ❤

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