Cu-poche Outdoor Photos: This is an Adventure


I just arrived from a long vacation in one of the coldest cities in the Philippines, Baguio City.  I went on a trip together with a good friend and made new friends along the way.

IMG_3859-2I brought my dslr with me but wasn’t able to use it much because  of the storm during the first 2 days of my stay.  So yeah, it rained all the time, making it hard to carry a camera and the weather would just want you to go back to sleep.

I’ve been to Baguio many times and this is one of the best experience I had. Park and shot in the woods courtesy of my travel buddy’s friends and eat lots of food from the city’s popular restaurant and cafe.  That Strawberry Shortcake is unforgettable too. I so love it, so tasty and creamy.

My friend and I almost got lost in the woods but glad that we made it until the end of the eco-trail. It was one hell of a funny experience. 😛


I got to spent time with two of my toy photography buddies I met online a couple of years ago. I’m happy that I’ve finally met them in real life. We went to Botanical Garden in Baguio City to shoot our favorite chibi figures and that’s what I’m going to share today. ^_^

I borrowed the hat from my friend’s Nendoroid Kudryavka Noumi Winter Version. The hat fits perfectly on Cu-Poche Kirino and looks so much adorable!

IMG_3864-2Those 2 dogs are also borrowed from a friend. They look so sweet. ❤



IMG_3873-2A Magical flower fairy got spotted. :3IMG_3871-2

IMG_3868-2These are my friends’ nendoroids.

I actually brought all my Cu-Poche with me, but didn’t have much time to pose and shoot them all because we still have other things to do scheduled that day.

That’s all for today. See you on my next post! ^_^


Here’s me in action. Shot by Ankol Mike.

741279_10201846896207703_98804768_o (1)


11 Comments Add yours

  1. Tian says:

    Looks like fun! The Cu-Poche Madoka is great but why does she look scared? There’s nothing to be afraid of, I hope…

    I haven’t gone on a photo adventure in a while, but now that winter’s settling in I’m really thinking about it.

    1. sheng says:

      It was fun aside from the ghost stories. Ugh!
      The Madoka shot was the last attempt before leaving so I didn’t get a chance to change her face plus there are mosquitoes everywhere. So I hurriedly took that shot haha. @_@

      Wow winter is coming! You should go for an adventure and take some figures with you. I’ll probably think of Christmas ideas now.

  2. wieselhead says:

    that are some really nice and clear pictures,what kind of lens do you use there?
    Looks like a nice forest, hope you weren’t hunted by bears, though XD

    1. sheng says:

      I used my prime 50mm 1.8 in these set. I usually used aperture 2.8-4.5f.

      Good thing we don’t have bears here in Philippines, ghosts in the forest maybe? Lol. :)))

  3. Yami Usagi says:

    How funny! I just got back from a trip as well ^^
    And it’s always good to see that I’m not the only one who lies on the ground to take photos haha

    1. sheng says:

      I hope you had a great time in your trip and took lots of photos! 😀

      and I always lie on the ground too. I can remember the looks of some people’s faces staring at me while doing the shoot. :3

  4. nonamen says:

    are you a filipino?

  5. SkyCorps says:

    The Kirino and Madoka Nendoroids are really awesome! Cute pictures!


    1. sheng says:

      Hi Sky, glad you like this set. Kirino and Madoka are called “CuPoche”, another type of deformed (chibi) figures. ^_^

      1. SkyCorps says:

        “CuPoche”, okay thanks for correcting me on that one.

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