Asuna and Kirito on Christmas Day

I think most of you know the lovely couple, Asuna and Kirito from Sword Art Online. Sword Art Online was pretty much one of the most popular anime last 2012. I decided to take some sweet photos of them for Christmas.

Because it is Christmas, there is so much love in the air. ♡

“Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.” – Peg Bracken


Merry Christmas!

Ah! A mistletoe means..


Lovey-dovey. ♡

Below is the behind the scene.



See you on my next post!



    1. I almost forgot I have these two. I haven’t really photographed them properly like in a fighting pose or with swords. I think I enjoy taking their photos in a romantic scene and will definitely make more scenes in lovey-dovey mode. Haha.

    1. Hi, I bought my figures from a local store which get these directly from Japan, but most of my international toy collector friends get them from, Hobby Search, or

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