Beat the Summer Heat! DIY Miniature Beach House for Nendoroid

I am one of those toy photographers who would bring some toys whenever going places. Well, as for me, it’s not just toys but the dollhouse too!

Since I always want to achieve some realism in my photos. I brought Nendoroid Renge and the DIY Miniature Dollhouse Beach hut when we went to a beach in Zambales.

I woke up early to catch the sunrise, unfortunately we were on the other side. So I just let Nendoroid Renge enjoy the wonderful view.

Here’s the video of the assembly of the Miniature Dollhouse Beach Hut!

The dollhouse is a nice back drop for summer themed Nendoroid Photography. You can also re-paint it the way you like. I am planning to kit bash this one soon. Hopefully when I finished all the projects lined up.

The beach lounge was hand made. My brother actually helped me built it.

Are you having fun Renchon?

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