Nendoroid Photography at Rolife Alice’s Dreamy Bedroom

When you have a DIY miniature dollhouse kit like this for your Nendoroid, you can create plenty of bedtime toy stories. Rolife Alice’s Dreamy Bedroom with its plenty of details can give you a perfect shot of a Nendoroid. Put the dollhouse near your window and get that natural light, and ta-dah! The sun shines…

Nendoroid Children’s Day

Anyway, it might be a bit late to post these adorable Nendoroid Miku Hatsune Append, Saber Lily and Honma Meiko (Menma) photos celebrating Children’s Day. Better late than never right? Children’s Day in Japan is celebrated on May 5, a national holiday that takes place annually. I decided to make a koinobori props for this…

1/7 Menma (Honma Meiko) Swimsuit Vers by Max Factory

I got this figure a couple of months ago and I waited that long to finally photograph her. This is the right time for Menma because it really suits her well in this season. This morning, I went to the nearest public pool so she can finally have the wonderful taste of summer.

New: Honma Meiko from Tomopop

Yesterday, I received a SMS from post office clerk regarding a package. I knew that the package was from Tomopop. It’s the prize I got from winning November Micropixel.¬†Wow that was fast! Didn’t expect it to arrive this early. I was surprised in Menma’s size. Of course it’s 1/7 scale, but didn’t expect her to…

Nendoroid Menma

Honma Meiko or Menma is from the anime series ‘Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai’, she’s so adorable and after watching it, I wished GSC to have a nendoroid of her and they didn’t disappoint me. So here ya go, my pictures of Menma! Enjoy!