Nendoroid Rin in the Dream Attic Bedroom

Hey everyone!

I am sharing you today Nendoroid Rin’s few photos in her new bedroom. This is actually a dollhouse kit (from Gearbest).


I didn’t follow the instructions in the manual but I made my own bedroom style.  The outer wall frames came in white, so I used that side of the frame for the inner wall so I won’t need to paint. I don’t want the room to be so cramped so I chose not to make other furniture included in the kit.

I searched ideas on Pinterest and I found cute bedroom ideas including the use of pom poms as decor.


So I made 3 tiny pom poms in pale blue, pale green and light pink. ❤


I love indoor plants too! I made some green plants (which I learned from Greenhouse Dollhouse Kit) as an accent in the room.





I think it would be fun to have two Nendoroids in this bedroom. A sleepover with Saber maybe? However, the bedroom kit is a bit small.

I’ll try to take more photos when I have the time. Thanks again for checking out the blog!

See you!

Also, if you like this miniature dollhouse kit, get it here:


Dollhouse Center: Toys and Hobbies Center: GearBest website: Coupon: Small Toys Promotion: Under One dollar:


One Comment Add yours

  1. wieselhead says:

    Very cute and nicely styled room (⌒▽⌒ゞ.
    It’s nice to have the options for many room decorations, but you don’t have to use them all. I really like your interpretation of the set and how you added your ideas as well. Rin looks so happy (。♥‿♥。),
    the small room set would be a great way to highlight ones favorite Nendoroid.

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