DIY Miniature Pokemon Bunk Bedroom Set for Nendoroid

Today, I am showing you the newest dollhouse kit I received from GearBest.  It’s actually a boy’s room and I thought I just wanted to make a themed bunk bedroom for my Nendoroid.

Since I got Nendoroid Red and Ash plus the Re-ment Pokemon Camping miniatures, I decided to give it a shot.

It’s actually pretty easy, I just made a few modifications from the original dollhouse kit and added a few Pokemon touches. Well, using some of the miniatures from Re-ment Pokemon Camping. 😀

Make sure to watch the video to see how I built the kit here:







Here are Nendoroid Ash and Red doing random things in their room.



The bunk bed is pretty small for them but the size would still work.  You can take pics of them hanging out. Space is a little cramped but you can work it out by re-positioning the furniture and getting the right composition.

I will try to take more pictures of these cute buddies and show them to you.

That’s all for today guys! See you again next time!


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