Sakura Inspired Dollhouse for Small Toys & Figures – Spring Romance

I know there are so many backlogs, but I would like to start with a beautiful Sakura / Cherry Blossom Themed Dollhouse.

Since it’s almost the start of Spring in some countries, making this pink dollhouse seems perfect for the season.  I actually received the package last year and it was supposed to be for December. I asked GearBest if I can feature the dollhouse this month instead.


It took me days to build the kit. There’s not much of re-painting done but I just used different paper for the wall and floor. Typically if I use paint for the walls, It would take me 5 days to build because I have to wait for it to dry.


Please check out the assembly video, you might find some ideas for your project if you’re into this kind of thing too. 😉

If you would like to see how I made the miniature cherry blossom, I made a tutorial years ago. You might want to check it out here:


This is my favorite part of the dollhouse kit. Maybe because I am in love with garden or patio.



I added fake grass to make it more visually appealing. I bought the fake grass from a local home store in the artificial flower section.


I bought a Sakura themed paper from Daiso and used it as the wallpaper. I also used my own fabric for the mattress & pillow instead of the one provided by the kit.


If I were to have a bookcase in my room, I’ll put up the decors and book this way. Not too crowded, I like it neat and organized. The decors I used are beads, tiny seashell and a few from my miniature collection.



The Spring Romance dollhouse is just perfect for Nendoroid Petite Sakura (from Fate Stay Night anime series) Too bad I don’t have a Emiya Shiro Nendoroid petite.

Look how happy she is with her new house!







She seems tired already.


The regular size Nendoroid will not fit in this dollhouse. Here’s a sample picture using Sakura MiKu and Nendoroid Saber in pajamas.


But I managed to balance KyoAni exclusive figure Asunyan (K-On series) in the dollhouse’s garden and pool area.


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That’s all for today everyone! See you again next time! ^_^


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