Welcome to Ohana’s Coffee Shop for Nendoroid

Today I am showing you some of my Nendoroids in my newest dollhouse kit which I received from Gearbest. (Scroll down below for the links where to purchase this!)

Since I don’t have a Coffee House diorama yet, I am really happy to get this kit. This is such a nice background set for my figures specifically Nendoroids. Many of you might already know that I love modifying kits. From re-painting or changing the style of the furniture to some accessories additions.

The original one is too cramped and would not be able to fit a Nendoroid so I added a wooden deck.

If you watch the video, you will learn more ideas:





It looks like Ohana ventured to another business. Last time she is successful in opening a Sushi Bar Restaurant, so now she’s opening her own cafe!


She must be so excited!


One of her regular customers is Nendoroid Sakura and Kero-chan. Are they waiting for someone? Maybe Tomoyo or Syaoran?


While waiting, Sakura is also doing her homework at the cafe.


Ohana’s Coffee House became one of the places where two people want to meet or even date. I remember years ago when I was still single, my now-boyfriend invited me out to drink coffee and so we did. We are now 3 years together. ❤


Maybe it would be the same with Kaito and Miku? ❤


Sakura loves to hang out at the cafe after school, I think she’s waiting for Tomoyo-chan.


I know some of you are curious if a Nendoroid can fit, so here it is.


Check out the links for the amazing deals today!

Dollhouse in the video https://goo.gl/U7WjTs
Dollhouse center https://goo.gl/KtbYdk Coupon code: Dollhouse (23% OFF)
Toys& Hobbies center https://goo.gl/iu4QVe Coupon code: TOY15OFF (15% OFF)
Gearbest Website https://goo.gl/dDXssK Coupon code: TWITTER (8% OFF)
Coupons https://goo.gl/HiA272
Small Toys Promotion https://goo.gl/BC81xC https://goo.gl/5ZqdmB
Under One Dollar https://goo.gl/fcp5Wk

All shots with Sony A6500 + FE 80mm f2.8 Macro G / FE 50mm f2.8 Macro OSS


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  1. This is such a nice upgrade to the kit. I especially like the extended patio so that the set works better with your figures.

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