RoLife Locus’s Sitting Room – A Living Room for Nendoroid

Last week, I finally finished this RoLife Locus’s Sitting Room DIY miniature house that was sent to me for review.

The original design of the dollhouse is colorful. I prefer a minimal design and color so I modified it a bit.1_c07dd3bf-f921-4607-898d-1f266ae86daf_1024x1024Ta-da! Here’s how it turned out after some modifications.


The video below shows how I assembled the dollhouse kit and you can see how I made some changes.

So far, this is the easiest dollhouse kit I built. It only has a few miniature accessories plus you can always change it according to your style. If you’re a  modern minimalist then this dollhouse miniature is one of the best for modification.

Here are my photos of the living room plus I also took pictures of my Nendoroid Super Sonico playing the acoustic guitar.  This will show you that a Nendoroid can fit in this dollhouse kit which is really a great thing!







I love RoLife DIY miniature house kits because you can actually modify it to your taste.

I would like to say thanks to Robotime / Rolife for sending me this dollhouse kit sample.




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  1. dreamcatcherbjd says:

    This is so adorable!!
    Sweet kit – maybe I should also get one one day 🙂 – and amazing pictures

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