Frame Arms Girl GOURAI Cu-poche is Here!

Last August, I was so surprised to receive an email from Kotobukiya (Japan) for an invitation to be one of the Kotobukiya Ambassadors. KYAAAAA!!!!!

In the past years (2012-2015), I got the opportunity to work with Kotobukiya US but this time, it will be the team from Asia. I AM SO STOKED! ❤

In this new exciting challenge, I’ll be creating contents featuring Kotobukiya products. Today, I am sharing you my first project with them.

You can also read the post HERE.

The project I made is a video that includes the unboxing/review and DIY Gourai Room. Be sure to watch it!

Ever since I watched the Frame Arms Girl series, I’ve been imagining Gourai in her everyday life. So I decided to recreate the room they made for themselves.


The materials I used are:

PVC Board
Paint (Acrylic / Poster color)

Here are the pictures of GOURAI in her DIY room:








Here’s Gourai in battle mode:




Also, check out my buddy and fellow Kotobukiya Ambassador, Love, Pinkcheeks for Photoshop tutorials and learn how to create visual effects for your Frame Arms Girl battle scenes!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. wieselhead says:

    Congratulations ambassador chan, it’s well deserved imo (⌒▽⌒ゞ.

    Stylet’s character is my favorite, but no matter what Gourai will always be the cutest one. The Cu Poche’s determined face expression is really adorable with her military color sheme, she looks great in the sand (︶▽︶).

    1. Kixkillradio says:

      Thanks so much! I actually based it to the anime, action figure photos can be challenging esp without photoshop @_@

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