Yotsuba’s New Home – DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit & Yotsuba Figure Collection Vol.1

I received a new dollhouse kit from Banggood.com last Monday. I was expecting it since last week, unfortunately, our local post office didn’t return my call when I asked for the status of the EMS package on Friday.

It’s early Tuesday when I started to build the kit and that I knew, it wouldn’t work for my Nendoroid or Cu-poche.  The kit is too small and it will only work with my Yotsuba Figure Collection Vol.1 or Nendoroid Petites.

What I like about building this dollhouse kits is it gives me an idea on what to do in my future projects. I learn some new tricks on making an entirely new furniture from scratch.  It gives me a slight idea about room designs and decor.

Make sure to watch the video and I hope you learn some tricks too.

Look at how big my hand looks at the photo below. It’s really a challenge in setting all the miniatures inside the room because of the tiny space.


I changed a couple of things in this dollhouse kit like for instance, I used a different wallpaper. I also made one window and added a plastic sheet to make it look a bit more realistic. Instead of using paper for a rug, I used a small piece of cloth that I found at home.


I also used different materials for the lamp shade and floor lamp.


The pictures on the wall frames are provided by the kit and I also added a plastic sheet to make it more “real”.



The sofa looks really cute but the truth is I made quite a few mistakes while making it. I guess you’ll just have to adjust the camera angle in hiding the imperfections.



I love how the artificial flowers and the vase look pretty and elegant. It matches the girly look of this dollhouse.


While making the piano, I realized that I can make another one using PVC boards and this time it should be scaled to my Nendoroids & Cu-poche.

I love the room design of this dollhouse kit plus the bright and feminine theme too.


The dollhouse kit comes with LED lights. Such a warm and cozy room for my Yotsuba.


Good morning Yotsuba! Wake up now!


And the energetic Yotsuba tries to come down without using the stairs.






I still have many Yotsuba pictures in this dollhouse, but you will see them in my upcoming Photobook Vol. 3 soon!

Get this dollhouse kit here: https://goo.gl/rFkN2C

I hope you enjoy this post of Yotsuba in her new home. Have a great week everyone!

*Camera used: Sony A6500 + FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS
[Thank you to Banggood.com for sending in this dollhouse kit sample.]

One Comment Add yours

  1. wieselhead says:

    *kyahh!* this is such an adorable miniature house/room set ❤️ .
    the piano eats some space, I would probably push it in the garden lol but I like all the parts and the design of the house with it’s light and comfortable colors is pleasing to the eyes.
    Good that Yotsuba has her own house now ;D It’s really cool that the different figures of her can interact with the interior, the pictures are lovely.

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