Watch : How to Make Miniature White Brick Fireplace

Hey guys! Today, I’m showing you the video of how I made the miniature fireplace. If you have seen my miniature Christmas room last year, you have probably seen it there as well. Making a miniature white brick fireplace is easy if you have the necessary tools like the one I have.

Materials that you’ll need:
PVC Board or Sintra Board
Dremel Engraver Tool
Poster Color (Black)
Paint Brush

tut2Cut the PVC board according to the size that you want.

You will need 2  of 4in x 3.5 (front and back side) ; 2 1in (for each sides); 5.5 x 1.5 (for the top part); 1 5.5 x 2in (for the base)

I used my green cutting mat as reference to form the bricks.

fp1I assembled all the parts together.

fp2Paint the inside of the fireplace with black poster color.

Why white? Maybe because I love white, it’s neat and bright. It’s also easy to style a house with white wall too. Whenever I googled images for reference, I enjoyed looking at white colored fireplaces and living room designs.

DSC08296-2I just added wire where I can place the chopped woods. The miniature wood is just a dried trunk of a plant from our garden.


That’s all for the tutorial guys! ❤

Camera and lens used for this shoot: Sony A6300 with 50mm F1.8 OSS


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