DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit – Sushi Bar Restaurant

My previous post featured my Nendoroid photography in this cute dollhouse kit which I got from Last year, someone from the company reached me to feature their products in my YouTube channel. If you like this kind of stuff, please do visit me on YouTube as I am sharing tutorial videos of the accessories I use in my shoots.

Fortunately, those products they sent me were all perfect for Nendoroids and Cu-poche including this adorable dollhouse kit which I am showing you today.

I also uploaded a video on how I assembled it from scratch. Watch if you haven’t seen it yet.

The box of this kit is huge and a little heavy. This miniature dollhouse sushi restaurant is made of MDF boards and wood which makes the package a little heavy.

The dollhouse kit comes with a detailed instruction manual to make it easier for us to build it. They also provided glue, scissors, and other tools that you need for the construction. As for me, I had my cutter, ruler, and scissors handy.


I like that most of the materials were wood. This would actually make the dollhouse more real-like looking.


One of the craziest things I did in this kit is making this sushi. I will make a detailed tutorial for those who want to make their own, so watch out for it.


In my photography,  I didn’t actually use the sushi that I made because my goal is to make the entire Sushi restaurant realistic.


There were things that I modified including this wall lamp.  Originally, they only provided white paper but I want it to look more stylish so I bought this Japanese paper in Daiso.



Setting all the props is the fun part, well at least for me. It’s really nice to see the development as you carefully place the tiny props in the Sushi bar.



I just added the plants, white rocks, and turf on the side of the restaurant to make it presentable to the audience.DIY Dollhouse Kit - Sushi Bar with LED Light

In a dark setting, I love the lights too!  I made sure to have clean wiring in this dollhouse plus I want it neat.DSC08214-2


DSC08210-2The sushi on the display cabinet looks inviting.

Here’s the look of the whole miniature Sushi Restaurant.


DSC08152-2For photography purposes, I used the sushi miniatures that I bought from an online seller years ago. Others are from Re-ment and a few ones from DIY sushi. Isn’t it nice? It looks so real. 🙂

DSC08137-2I also used my own tatami mat instead of the one they provided.

DSC08130-2Most of the miniatures displayed are from the dollhouse kit, those two ladles are from Re-ment.


Overall, I really like this dollhouse miniature Sushi restaurant. It may be time-consuming but the effort is all worth it once you’ve finished it. Making this kind of stuff takes away my stress and it’s really fun to do. Aside from toy photography, this is one thing I enjoy doing.. miniatures and dioramas. I feel like I’m in a different world when I look inside the dollhouse.

That’s all for today guys! If you like this dollhouse kit for your Nendoroids, go here.  They have a discount coupon, go to my YouTube and watch the video to see the details.

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Camera used:
Sony A6300

I would like to thank the following:
Sony Philippines


5 Comments Add yours

  1. TheTravelingSeed says:

    I love your videos and photographs! I recently bought some items from you and they arrived safely. Thank you for that! But do you happen to have any idea where I could get some miniature sushi like the ones that you have in the photos? I’m been searching but haven’t been able to find any in the correct size!

    1. Kixkillradio says:

      Hello! I’m glad it arrived safely 🙂 I bought mine at however it’s no longer available in there… 😦

  2. wieselhead says:

    Oh wow, that is lovely 👍!
    It’s great that such fancy kits exist, even fitting for Nendoroid size.
    So not everything has to be made from scratch, although that can be fun, too.
    I sometimes also like to work with wood, but it takes time 😅. I like this more convenient set,
    it looks nice and elaborate, you also don’t need to think of every little detail to build.

    putting everything together looks like fun and I love how you decorated everything with additional items ❤️

  3. Tian says:

    So crafty! I might have to try this when I get enough free time 😀

  4. Cynthia says:

    What’s the scale size of this miniature restaurant?

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