Watch: DIY Miniature Easter Egg Basket Tutorial

Easter wouldn’t be perfect without the mini Easter egg basket for your little bunnies. Watch my newest tutorial on how to make one for your Nendoroid, Cu-poche and dolls. This is also a perfect accessory for your dollhouse. It’s super easy! 

Watch : How to Make Miniature White Brick Fireplace

Hey guys! Today, I’m showing you the video of how I made the miniature fireplace. If you have seen my miniature Christmas room last year, you have probably seen it there as well. Making a miniature white brick fireplace is easy if you have the necessary tools like the one I have.

Miniature Leather Bags

There’s an excess leather material at home so I decided to make miniature leather bags for my Nendoroid and Cu-poche out of it.

Cu-Poche Haruka Amami of iDOLM@STER by Kotobukiya

I’m back with new figure photography, this time it’s Cu-Poche Haruka Amami by Kotobukiya. Last November, Kotobukiya sent me a message and asked if I can photograph their newest line of figure, Cu-poche.  I happily accepted their offer and today I will share you the overload cuteness of their first Cu-poche, Haruka Amami of IdolM@ster….