Miniature Pringles Chips for Nendoroid Umaru

Thanks to for sending me this Miniature Pringles Chips, my Nendoroid Umaru is so happy with more snacks!
Watch the video featuring the product. If you want to buy miniatures, check out the links on the description box on my YouTube video. You’ll find amazing stuff for your figures.

This product is 1:12 scale and looks perfect with Nendoroid and Cu-poche. I haven’t try it with Figma though but I promise to take pictures or video soon. 😉

Since I am featuring Nendoroid Umaru with this cute miniature pringles chips, I set up her apartment once again.
DSC03643-2Yay! She got 3 Pringles chips in different flavors!
DSC03639-2If you watched the video, you’ll know where the chip (she’s holding) came from. 😉

That’s all for today guys! See you again next time!

Get your Nendoroids, Anime Figures and kawaii products on the following links:



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