Watch: How to Make a Miniature Bunk Bed for Nendoroid, Dolls and Action Figures

Today, I am showing you how I made the miniature bunk bed for my Nendoroid using PVC or Sintra board.

Before making a bedroom furniture, I looked for inspiration on the internet and here’s what I wanted to make. I think this is perfect for my Miku Hatsune sisters. 😀


Here’s my own version of the bunk bed.


First, gather the materials needed for this bedroom furniture.
For the bed frame:
– PVC or Sintra Board (available at local school supplies)
– Super Glue
– Cutter / Ruler

For the mattress and bed cover:
– Styrofoam
– Fabric
– Fiberfill
– Glue
– Sewing kit (thread and needle)


Watch the video to learn the tricks and tips on how I made the miniature bunk bed.



    1. Since I’m getting a lot of questions how I made these kind of stuff, I answered with a video tutorial. Glad you’re liking the music too. I got them from Soundcloud, there are lots of amazing artists in there making great tracks.

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