Miniature Kitchen Utensil – Frying Pan for Nendoroid, Cu-poche and Action Figures

Another cute 1:12 miniature item from which I also made a product preview on YouTube. Please do watch and subscribe!

I would also like to thank them for sending these cute miniature products. Btw, If you are looking to add miniatures and dollhouse kits for your Nendoroid and dolls, they have lots of amazing stuff on their website. Check them out here:

The size of this miniature kit is just too perfect for Nendoroid and Cu-poche. If you are aiming for a more realistic look for your dollhouse, this one is for you.



This miniature frying pan is made of alloy and it is available in various colors too.

DSC03622-2See you again in my next post! ^_^


Get your Nendoroids, Anime Figures and kawaii products on the following links:


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