Nendoroid Bedroom Furniture Series

IMG_0826-2 Today, we are taking a look at one of my creations for your Nendoroid and Cu-poche bedroom. IMG_0786-2 Study desk painted in white with upholstered chair to add a nice touch to your favorite nendoroid’s place. The table is made of wood, while the chair is made of copper wire and fabric. (Please note that chairs available will have different covers at the event and will be sold separately.)IMG_0796-2 Look how happy and comfy my Nendoroids are with their new furniture! They will surely get motivated to study.

Nendoroid Kobato Hasegawa is so excited with the new study table. IMG_0802-2Meanwhile…

Nendoroid Mako fell asleep while doing her homework.IMG_0818-2 Even my Cu-poche Tsukiko is scaled to this desk. IMG_0799-2 What is keeping you busy Tsukiko-san? IMG_0797-2 Someone is really excited with her new bed! IMG_0813B-2

Nendoroid Mako is ready to sleep.IMG_0821-2 The bed frame is made of copper wire and its painted with black and gold. I also added a foam mattress, and covered it with white cloth. For a full cozy and relaxing feel of the nendoroid, I added a comforter on the bed.  This is handmade. There is only one stock. But don’t worry, as soon as I have time I will try to make more for those interested.IMG_0819-2 She sure loves to sleep! IMG_0824-2 Kobato-chan’s is happily facebooking on her new bed. :3

A modern bed that is scaled to Nendoroids and Cu-poche. Additional in my miniature series is the modern study table that is also scaled to Figma (1/12).

IMG_0847-2 IMG_0849-2 IMG_0850-2 IMG_0851You can order these miniature bedroom furniture here.

See you on my next post!


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    WOW! Did you make all those mini sets?

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