Miniature Bookcase for Nendoroid and Cu-poche

The other day I showcased Nendoroid Bedroom Furniture Series that I’ll be selling at Toycon this coming June 19- June 21,2015 in SM Megamall. I created these products to help you design your nendoroid bedroom to come up with a slice of life theme for your figure photography.

To add more decor, I also made single white gloss bookcases which you can use to add a nice touch to the room.

 *Please note that all handmade products are limited stock

IMG_0830-2 This single bookcase is made of 2.2mm plywood and white gloss paint. If you order several single bookcase, you can turn it to.. Tadah!IMG_0829-2 or place it beside the study table. and viola!

A more trendy desk for your Nendoroid and Cupoche! IMG_0841-2 You can also stick it on your nendoroid bedroom wall, on top of a desk or bed. (I use double sided adhesive tape). IMG_0844-2 You can also turn it to a tv table and arrange it like this. (Sorry about the tv. I was in a rush so I just screenshot a game and anime, print it on a paper and cut it in this size to make a tv.) IMG_0840-2 IMG_0837-2 IMG_0833-2 The decoration items which I filled in the bookcase are re-ment and orcara miniatures. For those living outside the country, don’t worry! I will open an international preorder of this bookcase after Toycon!

Order them here!


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