Photobook Giveaway Winners and Best Photos

Announcing the winners of 6×6 Photobook giveaway! IMG_8675Congratulations to Patrick and Kevin! I hope you guys will enjoy the photobook. I’ll be sending them to you soon. I feel happy that many fans have participated the giveaway, they even submitted their figure photography to join the fun! page4 page3 page2 page1 Thank you for participating! I enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading your comments. I am really touched. Looking at the pictures it seemed you all had a great time photographing your figures.  It’s a fun way to show and spread the love for this hobby. Cheers! And these are my favorites!


Kancolle girls enjoying the meal! It makes me hungry just by looking at them. @_@ Photo by Vince Ci


The setting is just perfect. Photo by Tania Rah


The graffiti at the background is suited for this Aoba figure. He seems so real. Photo by Sheila Ng


A lovely shot of Belladandy. Photo by Abigail Mae Alburo


Being a fan of Sailormoon in my childhood. This one gives me a nostalgic feel. Photo by Sandro Basso


I love the use of lace/sheer cloth around Saber. Photo by Nikka Rebecca Agustin


There’s always something about reflection photos. Kirino looks lonely, I wish there’s someone to look after her. Photo by Monica Farina


Lovely Miku happily strolling at the park. Photo by Ankol Mike


All those miniatures are AWESOME! I wish I have those too. Photo by Salin Limtrakul


This is me when I’m surrounded by my collection. Photo by Habib Sulthan Arifin


This is magic. Lovely! Photo by Jce Rajn


LEGO! Because they’re just too cute. Photo by Jon Jansen Campos


I think SAO characters are best photographed outdoor. Now, now where are my Kirino and Asuna… Photo by Yumi Chan

鈴木 アキラ

Are you waiting for someone, Miku-chan? Photo by 鈴木 アキラ

Keep it up guys! I’ll be posting Cu-poche figure photos soon. I’ve been really busy this month, I am missing figure photography. See you on my next post! ^_^


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