The Horror Booth: Hakase and Nano

One Halloween in the life of Hakase and Nano, they decided to experience the Horror Booth.


IMG_8618-2Hakase doesn’t seem to get scared at all. :3IMG_8620-2

IMG_8622-2What are you cooking?IMG_8625-2Hands?!IMG_8624-2

IMG_8627-2Nano: Look Hakase, there’s a girl playing a piano!IMG_8628-2Ghotst girl: (crying)…IMG_8629-2


IMG_8632-2Kobato: Welcome to my room Ha ha haIMG_8634-2Hakase: Ohh poor dollIMG_8640-2Witch Mirai: You made it to the last room! Congratulations!IMG_8644-2Witch Mirai: These are your treats!IMG_8646-2

IMG_8648-2That’s all for today!

Have a happy halloween!


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  1. Tian says:

    Aaah great Halloween pictures! I kinda wish I had gotten Hakase and Nano now… I really love their expressions.

    1. sheng says:

      Thanks Tian! I heard it’s hard to get them these days. Let’s hope GSC will reissue the pair.

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