The Horror Booth: Nendoroid Halloween Special

Halloween is just around the corner and I made a horror booth themed for my Nendoroid featuring Good Smile Company Nendoroid Halloween Miku, DeadMaster, Mikasa, Eren, Kobato Hasegawa and Sawako Kuronuma.

Somebody wants to have a scary experience! Let’s see if they can handle their fear with ghosts and monsters.


Today Eren and Mikasa decided to check out the horror booth before proceeding to their class. Eren has been wanting to visit the booth ever since he learned about it from Armin. The booth is in pitch black and has an eerie music playing somewhere.

IMG_8568-2ErenLet’s get in, Mikasa.
Mikasa: Mm.IMG_8569-2


IMG_8606-2The Witch: Welcome to Miku’s Horror Booth! Hee hee hee heeIMG_8574-2Eren saw someone!IMG_8575-2A girl is crying… IMG_8577-2





IMG_8585-2The Boss Halloween Miku: You made it to the last room. Congratulations!IMG_8595-2Eren: (Thinking) The boss Halloween Miku is pretty. ❤IMG_8597-2


IMG_8608-2The Witch: You made it to the last room. Congrats! Hee Hee Hee HeeIMG_8613-2


I had fun taking pictures for the Halloween theme. Glad i found a witch costume in a Japanese store last month. I had to make an adjustment because they are big on my babies. It’s always fun to dress up nendoroids. Thanks to my boyfriend for lending me some of his nendoroid face plates. ^_^

That’s all for today guys. I’ll be back with another Halloween themed shoot and hopefully a cute figure from Kotobukiya.

Have a great halloween! ^_^



3 Comments Add yours

  1. wieselhead says:

    Well, done, really well done!
    I totally love the setting and the heavy use of faceplates, bloody Kobato is awesome ^o^
    The witch face really impressed me, I can’t remember a Nendoroid with such a face.

  2. Mikeh says:

    Much cute. Although I find it hard to believe Eren and Mikasa can be scared by anything after all the horrors they’ve already seen ^^

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